TAC-FORCE KNIVES Assisted Opening Rescue Knives BLACK ORANGE EMT Tactical Knife Review

Before reviewing this particular tactical knife, you’ve got to know what is a tactical knife first. If you search for what tactical knives are, you’d probably be intimidated by how they look. The first time you have seen such knives would probably been with action movies the feature solider-of-fortune types of mercenaries. Some of them are heroes, too, that possess amazing skills with the tactical knives. It seems like it shows that every military action hero must possess this knife in order for them to look cool. However, the average person can also possess tactical knives, even if they are not in the military. In fact, when you research about who or where you can buy tactical knives, you can even find them easily online. You might even be surprised that a company near you creates tactical knives, too, aside from their cutlery.

Many people will assume that the tactical knife is just the same with the old regular knife. However, you can’t really compare them when it comes to uses. When you get yourself a kitchen knife, you are getting that to use for the kitchen. Tactical knives, are also like how survival knives are. Not only do ‘skillful’ heroes make use of them, but outdoor enthusiasts possess them for the purpose of having an all-around knife.



So what are the differences between a tactical knife and a regular knife?

First is the design, which is the most obvious of them all. The design made with tactical knives have a purpose with them. There are designers tasked to how the look of the tactical knife will look like, which is why every tactical knife that you see comes in different sizes, shapes and style.

Next is the purpose it is made for. Tactical knives are not created the same. This is not only about the looks but the purpose about it, too. Whatever the purpose of the knives are, they affect on what kind of knife you should get. But the question of what the tactical knife really is depends on the questions you ask. There are those that ask if it is a weapon, a utility tool or an emergency tool for rescue. There are also those that asks whether if it is an entry tool or not. It all depends on the job requirements that you want your knife to perform with. You will need to ask the questions yourself on what kind of job you would like your knife to do if you were to own a tactical knife.

If you imagine an undercover officer wanting a tactical knife of his own, he will have a different one compared to what a SWAT officer is going to possess. There are undercover agents that prefer to go with pastel colored tactical knives so that it doesn’t give off a feeling that they are working for some serious agency. If you are to ask where the tactical knives are, you should try asking the agents.

One of the important part of the design of tactical knives is its ergonomics. It may sound too complicated at first, but the ergonomics of knives are as simple as something that you feel comfortable when you hold it with your hand. If you talk about how the ergonomics of chairs, it must feel comfortable to sit on. This is all about the comfort you feel with it.

The size of tactical knives also matter, too. It should be driven with a purpose. The size of the knife depends on the purpose it is created for. When you look for the best tactical knife, you will often be greeted with the best of the market, only to find that the tactical knife is too impractical for the purpose you are looking for. The size is something that you feel comfortable carrying it with you. It’s also be something that you are always going to use it with, not just simply a decoration.

The materials used for creating the tactical knife is also important, too. The materials that are used for creating the handle and the blade will differ when it comes to comparing it with the make of the regular knife.

All these things you can find with the TAC-FORCE KNIVES Assisted Opening Rescue Knives BLACK ORANGE EMT Tactical Knife. It comes with an 3.25 inches spring assisted 3mm thickness serrated blade made from stainless steel. The length of the knife when closed is at 4.5 inches. It comes in a color combination of orange and black, and the handle is made out of aluminum with the EMT medallion. It also includes a pocket clip, seat belt cutter and glass breaker. These details are mark of what will make you think of survival knives used by the military. But with the choice of colors, you’ve got to think whether or not it is truly for military use.

This product comes with mixed reviews. There are those that find it excellent to have for daily use and there are those that are quite disappointed with the knife when they received it after purchase.

For those who find it the best to have, they are satisfied with how well built the knife is, which is solid and comes with a very light frame. The glass breaker and seat belt cutter seems to be placed at the right position of the tactical knife, making it a perfect partner to bring with you when the need for it comes. They concluded that it is a decent knife to carry around for general use like going for a hike, hunting or just a quick use around the house.

How about those that were disappointed? Most of them complained about the technical side or how the product arrived at their doorstep, only to open the box with a broken item. There are those that complained how the blade does not lock when it is open. There are others who find the screws getting loose when they just use it for a couple of times.

But looking at the rating that this tactical knife got, it was given 4.6 out of 5 rate from more than 100 of those who gave their reviews.


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