SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter Reviews

The SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter is a good tool to bring in your camping and outdoor activities. Going outdoors is fun. You can have fun alone or with someone. You know that going outdoors always needs a knife and something to make fire with. You don’t want to look scary with a big knife out for a fight. You’re not in the wild but on a camping trip. The outdoor tanto knife gets to answer all these needs. This can be considered one of the best survival kits today. It’s very light and small that you can put in your pocket. It has its own casing to protect your pocket from getting ripped by the knife. Here is some SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter Reviews that can help you decide on getting it or not.

Good Grip
The outdoor tanto knife is also shaped well to be gripped in many ways. You will have excellent grip on the knife with Nylon cord. A good grip does not always a good thing. The handle might have a good grip but is quite uncomfortable. After using it in just a few minutes, your hands will hurt. You have the option to replace it with a more comfortable material like a paracord. You can do various things with every change of the grip of your hands. It won’t easily slip from your hands. It allows you to grip it in many different ways depending on what’s your task is. The grip is a good use for some. Others find it uncomfortably hard to work with. It still relies on the user how to put a good use to the grip.


The knife is very inexpensive that you won’t believe that a knife this inexpensive can function very well. It has the ability to function as a 100 dollar knife. You can even keep your expensive knives out of the way and just bring this knife on your outdoor trips. It is an inexpensive knife that will last for a long time. The Nylon sheath that serves as a cover easily deteriorates. It must be changed so that you can put a better edge on the tanto knife’s blade. You will gladly make some modifications for it if you think how cheap it is. You won’t feel bad buying it with its inexpensive price. You can get one or more if you usually do outdoor activities. Using it for aggressive woodwork and any other things will be nice. Since you bought it in a very inexpensive amount you won’t feel bad making it do various hard stuff a knife ought to do.

The blade length is 3inches with a 4mm thickness. It can be brought anywhere on your next adventure. The tanto knife is so light. The knife is very light with the fire starter. This knife will be a good use as a wonderful blade for every outdoor trip. You can even start a fire with it. The edge of the knife becomes very blunt and you will have to sharpen it well to make it usable again. Once you notice it getting blunt, sharpen it right away. Since its very light, you also have the high risk of losing it. Even though it’s cheap, you don’t want to keep losing a good knife. With its black body color, it’s not easy to find it among the grass and stones. If you are using it on your camping trip, always check first your pocket before leaving to avoid leaving it behind.

Functional knife
The magnesium alloy will let you make a fire in no time. You need to grip it hard to make sparks using the fire starter. The knife and fire starter is a good combination that makes it a tool with multipurpose. You can use it on various things, from working in the kitchen to doing carpentry. The knife can get very dull. Make use of another tool for sharpening the blade. The knife then becomes an indispensable tool in your camping trips. You can use the knife for different purposes in camping. You can use it to cut paracord, tent set up and preparing food. Camping outside tends to be dangerous sometimes. It can provide you protection. A knife at your side will help you feel at ease at night. It might not look scary as it looks but can do a lot with its light blade.

Very sturdy
It won’t easily break that matches the knife. The knife is perfectly made for woodwork. You can use it to shape up any wood furniture at your camp. The Thumb grip is the best way for a knife like this size which will make it safer to use. It has a hook and belt loop fastener that will keep the knife in place while doing rigorous outdoor activities. It has a magnesium alloy fire starter with its own lanyard to easily use it in making a fire. It has a black body color that even makes it look sleek. The blade is made to function well outdoors. It’s strong enough to do many things. The magnesium alloy also makes fire easily compared to other magnesium alloys out in the market. This will assure you of a good campfire every camping night.

After going over the good and the bad side of the SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife you will have an idea if you want it despite its negative side. The negative side of this knife is just a few. It gets very dull but if you have a good sharpening tool it can be used again. The cover gets easily torn. The edge is easily damaged and many are wishing they could have made it better. With all of the negative things, the top positive things are its light and inexpensive. No matter what happens to the knife, it won’t make you feel bad at all. There’s nothing to lose with the price that it offers.


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