My Rant on Walmart Hunting Knives

Knives are such very useful tool not just in our house but in our entire life. Before knives were not made from metal, gold, silver and other durable substance. The idea of knives was started in our ancestors in very long time ago; it was made from wood and stones. The durable substance like metal, gold, and silver at that time was not discovered yet. In able to survive they need to protect and defend their selves from wild predators such as lion, tiger, bear and so on. During their time only woods and stones were the durable materials they had.

But with the durable materials itself was not enough to make the knife strong alone. There should be specific details for a knife according to of its uses, in the condition of our ancestors before the concept of knife they used it was called nowadays “Hunting knives”.
Hunting knives are made for the hunters, use for hunting and preparing to the bone and skinning the animals been captured and make as their food. Hunting knives are traditionally created to make a single sharpened in the edge. Almost of the design in hunting knives, the blade is curved but not that too curvy.


All kind of knives can be used in hunting, however, it is best to use a fixed blade hunting knife. Because fixed blade is durable and you can control the strength of the hunting knife. You don’t have a hard time because when it says fixed that means there’s no changes of movement while holding the knife. Unlike folding knife maybe some they are a better option but not in hunting you can’t maintain the capacity of the strength when you hold this kind of knife. Remember your hunting or cutting the skin of an animal’s; it’s not good if the strength of your knife is not stable when you cut a thick meat. When you are choosing between folding and fixed hunting knife it will go along to choose of what kind of blades you want a base of the type of hunting. There are different kinds of blades: skinning blade, clip point, and drop point.

What are the perfect criteria in choosing hunting knife?

The best quality of hunting knife is able to adopt to do everything the needs of a hunter. Could perform in skinning to splitting the rib cage and boning the animal. In picking the hunting knives, you need to consider how are going to use it and the type of hunting you plan to hunt. If you are going to a huge hunting you need to use a different kind of knife, not only for hunting small species, if you think using the oversized knife for your better convenience and then you should think twice it might turn out worst instead of the advantage. Because in using the oversized knife it has the possibility to cut yourself unaware.

Once you already identify the size of the knife you want then the second thing you need to think how often you want to hunt. If want to hunt occasionally then you can use ordinary knives or a smaller version of the folding knife. But if you are certified hunter so then use a knife for hunting only make sure it is fixed blade knife. In buying hunting knife has a variety of cost and you want to pick a knife which is enough for your money. But it doesn’t matter how much you buy it the important is your capability in handling the hunting duties. If your plan in a hunting event is to get a trophy mount. It is a good thing you use a capping knife for a second knife with your hunting knife.
There a lot of brand names of hunting knives are already appearing in the business nowadays. But there are brands are not qualified in the real criteria of the best hunting knives such as the WalMart Hunting Knives.


According to from KnifeNews’ 2015 survey that 6% consumer bought at least one knife from the Walmart knives. Walmart the biggest rivalry is the GPKnives, they find hard to compete because Walmart is only focusing on lower quality and it’s a limited selection. They don’t have a stable of information about the availability of the stocks. Most of the consumer gets the information from their friend who works in the knife stores. The quality is inconsistent and unpredictable, that such a big NO for the hunting knives. Walmart hunting knives are not the best option they are not concern about the real soul of hunting knives. As a consumer which has a passion for hunting, there is no place and wasting your money in the brand name which did not meet your needs as a hunter. Don’t sacrifice your standard as a hunter because of the cheap brand of hunting knives. Walmart hunting knives are unpredictable and being predictable is very important during hunting. You need to know the flaws of your hunting knives or else you can get the right usages of your knives. Hunting knives is not just for cutting meat, skinning, and boning. For a hunter, the knife is used also for self-defence from the predator or a stranger just in case it will give you harm. Imagine if you buy an inconsistent hunting knife from Walmart, your life might be put in danger.

That’s the purpose why hunting knife has standard criteria and it’s already mentioned above in this article. Walmart Hunting knife didn’t pass the standard criteria they just want to focus in more profitable knives. The important for them is to sell a lot more for the gross of the company. They don’t mind in making the best hunting knives. They made knives for the various consumers never concern in a particular kind of consumer just like hunters. Maybe this is the reason why Walmart Hunting knife had a hard time in competing with other brand names because in the first place they don’t get the heart of the real hunters.

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