Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sanvick Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1inch

A good and well balanced knife that is for outdoor activities with a high friction grip that is easy to handle. The knife itself has a hard balance steel, it also sharpens very easily and most of all exceptionally super tough. If you wish to purchase this kind of knife, you will find its durability long lasting and is very good also in the application. Morkaniv companion fix blade knife are mostly made from high carbon steel in which it allows to hold on to a sharper and more acute durable edge. This also characterized by a hardening components or properties that result to a sharper and harder knife. It is easy to use in the manner as to how it is intended. Most professional trust this type of knife especially when it comes to performance level.

It is important as well that as you look for this type of knife, best option for you to do is to see for its features. You must understand that when it comes to purchasing knives, you do not only look at the durability of the knife but also what other things that it can do for you and its best quality features. Without you knowing it, for sure you will miss out the goodness of one knife brings. If you are unaware of the features, here are the following things that you need to know more.


Vixed versatile blade– its blade is made to be hardened in order for it do heavy duty things. Thus you do not have to worry because it is stainless steel, so this means that it is durable for more years to come for usage.

Easy to hold and handle– manufacturers have successfully made a knife that has a good grip when you handle it. Some knives are hard to handle when you use it for something that has a tough edge as well.

Color match plastic– this type of knife comes in different colors and styles that is suitable for your convenience, comfort and taste. It is easy identifiable for you to detect because of the color that matches with it. This also comes with a belt clip to make it easier for you to carry, and wear it anytime you want. Its purpose always comes in handy when you needed it most.

Lifetime warranty (limited)– from the time you have bought the product, make sure that you are well advised with its warranty as this type of product does not warranty you forever. As soon as there are any issue with the knife that you have bought, bring it immediately to the manufacturer to give you another pair of knife.

To differentiate the usage of the knife from the benefits and at the same time its unlikely and unfortunate happenings it is best to know the Pros and Cons.

Handle – it is good in the hands. It has a good grip when you are slicing or unhooking something out of an item or product. This have an excellent way of keeping your hands safe from anything that can cause you cuts.

Blade– it can cut a good degree of angle as to how you want it to be. You can even work it even with your hands wet. It is very functional when it comes to performance level of the knife. Everything is easily cut and task is made easy.

Sharp razor– thin holds up very nicely as you are trying to sharpen the edges of your sanvick stainless steel knife.

Function and performance– the sharper this knifes the easy it is to move on with another type of task that you are going to do for the day. This is basically a main survival knife as it can make your life easier without any hesitation or whatsoever. This can also handle big or small jobs

Color shading- one of the best sold out colored knives is the color orange as it can really brighten unlike the other colored knives. The good thing about this knife is that it does not blend in during night time so that means that even if you are working in a little bit darker side of an area, you can easily identify the knife without getting cut.

Corrosion resistant- best brands do not get corroded by any forms of chemicals such as rust. And since this is a stainless steel knife there is definitely no reason for it gets rusty. To improve the durability of the knife, of course do not forget to always clean and wipe it every after use.

Belt clip– although this is very convenient to use, but not all belts especially for knives guarantees your safety. You can never tell how you are going to get caught up by your own knife and is not good as you will end up cutting your own skin or even worse get deepen into your muscles.

Knife snaps– it is a little dangerous as the knife clicks because it snaps out and you have to always put it in a safety way and carry it downwards. At this point convenience and comfort has not met, so it would be best to find means as to how this is going to be served.

Therefore, a good knife guarantees a total satisfaction when you have tested its durability and at the same time its safety, comfort and convenience. It surely comes with a good purpose such as cutting wood, preparing for food, even for making tinder and carving. Outdoor fun is made easy and accessible if you have this type of knife. The excellent provision that it brings will surely promote its way to the top as you experience. Unlike any other knives, you will also experience the high quality that a knife can offer. To make this more fun, easier and at convenient choose things that can last you longer and perhaps pass it on t your generation. The value of the knife does not only create excellent performance but also memories from good times.


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