KA-BAR BK-22 Companion Fixed Blade Knife with HD Polyester Front Pocket Sheath

You wanted to use a knife to go out on a hunting trip with your sons’ right? Why not try browsing around and see if there’s anything that you find that is interesting to you? A hunting knife is useful when you go out on the woods and hunt for woodland critters or animals. The size of a knife depends on what kind of animal are you planning to catch. If it is stag then you should choose a knife that is fit for a stag or any other large animals, if your family decided to hunt for a small anima like a rabbit then choose a knife that fits for a rabbit. In the end it all depends on what you want and whatever kind of knife that you buy either way they both work for big and small as long as you know how to wield it properly.

The quality of a knife is important, why? Because you need to know if the knife that you choose will be useful to you in the future it’s like a what if scenario where you bought the knife and when you use it, it suddenly breaks, it would be an unsatisfying hunt for you and your boys. This is an important advice for you to know. You got to look carefully when you decided to buy a new knife for you and your boys. You need to see if this knife can take a hit. Check the knife if its strong enough to withstand anything, see the blade as well, if its sharp enough to pierce anything including an animal’s hide.


Be sure you check anything before you bought the knife in order to have satisfying results. Now, that you finished checking your list consider your budget as well. When buying a knife you have to consider on what kind of knife are you planning to buy like for example you wanted to go out with your kids because you wanted to teach them the basic steps of survival. You have to decide what kind of animal are you hunting a deer or a rabbit? This is another good example for you to think about when you’re planning to buy a knife.

Now the size of knife does matter depends on the situation however, but big or small they do have one common purpose and it is to give you the best results in skinning an animal or gutting them. But people tend to think that having a bigger knife is preferable but do not underestimate the small size of this knife because this particular held some interesting history and it is viewed to be the most powerful knife because of its pasts. But in the end a smaller knife can give you good, if not better results than the bigger knife. As long as you know how to wield it carefully and handle the knife with care you will get impressive results.

This particular knife is special and it should be because of its interesting history.

You Can Trust TheKA-BAR BK-22 Companion Fixed Blade Knife with HD Polyester Front Pocket Sheath

The ka-bar brand has a history, a history that has proven that this knife can do anything especially killing a huge animal despite the small size of the knife. The ka-bar is popular and well-known to everybody who has heard about it’s past. It has the reputation that many people believe that this knife can surpass all the other knives. The ka-bar history dates back to the 20th century where the story of a man who was attack by bear and without his gun to protect him he uses his small knife to kill it. This small knife is what saved him from his death and he wrote the word “ka-bar” that some of the people managed to distinguish his writing and making it the most popular brand name the world has ever known.
This knife coupled with its history has made many hunters desire to purchase not because of its but because of the power that it exhibits. This knife has made an impression to any hunter present. People believe that this particular knife can cut through anything with its blade to be sharp that can kill a big bear and its size is just the right fit for everybody, including you. it is not too small nor too big, it is the right fit for your hand.

The handle of the blade is perfect as well. The handle is made from Swiss and its material is made of glass reinforced nylon which is called Grivory. When you hold it in your hand you will feel comfortable and when using it you have a good grasp of controlwhen you slice and dice.

However there is on common con that the knife has it is the thickness of the knife. It is a bit thicker and it will be difficult when it comes to detailed work however what it lacks for unrefined work it makes up for solid work by cutting in a perfect straight line. That’s the common protest that people have but they tolerate its slight flaw because this knife is still the best.

This knife can handle anything in whatever situation you are in. the quality is good and it is tough enough to survive for a long while. However, despite the thickness of the blade it does have some flaws that people find it annoying and a hassle. The handle can be slippery if your hands sweat, but the good thing about it is that you can switch it with a different handle. This is also a little too heavy for you, if you prefer a lighter knife and there are problems with the sheath as well.

But all in all, this knife is still good when handling extreme activity. Whatever problem that you find with this particular knife it is nothing major and it doesn’t affect the performance of said knife. So, if you are interested in having the right knife for your field works this one could be the right fit for you.


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