How To Sharpen Hunting Knives

If you are a hunter, the sharper the knife, the better. Whenever you go for a hunt with a sharper knife, you got the power to hunt down anything without putting too much effort on it. Sharper knife is also more convenient and easier to use for cutting. So if you are looking for ways of making your hunting knife sharper, you are in the right spot. We are going to help you out on how to sharpen your hunting knife and will introduce you to some sharpening tools that will help you along the way.

First and foremost, when you are a hunter or an aspiring one, you must know the three crucial general steps when you want to make your hunting knife better as before. The three steps include sharpening your knife, straightening your knife, and finishing your knife.


Sharpen the knife:
During the process of sharpening, you intend to take out the slab and undesired stuff from your knife. These unwanted particles are causing your knife blunt and you do not want to keep it or tolerate those stuff to stick to your knife. In order to sharpen your knife perfectly, try putting your knife at twenty to thirty degrees angle away from the sharpening tool you are using. With this process, you are allowing the knife to narrow down to its border and eliminating the slabs you wanted to take off in the first place. If you successfully take off all the slabs and undesired particles from your hunting knife, then the bluntness will be gone making your knife sharper as ever!

Straighten the knife:
Just like the process of sharpening, you also need to put your knife in some angles that will perfectly make it straighter. However, the angle must be smaller compare when you sharpen your knife. If you put your knife in the angle of twenty to thirty degrees when you sharpen your blade, when straightening, you must put your knife in the angle of fifteen to twenty degrees only. During this process, you allow your blade to get rid of the surplus alloy from your knife but not like the process of sharpening that you take off the great portion of it.

Finish the knife:
After sharpening and straightening your knife, the final steps is to finish your knife or you polish it. When you finish your knife, you allow it to have a smoother border which makes it more vigorous.

Now that you know the three crucial general steps that every hunter must know in the process of making your knife not just sharper but also better than before, you will also know what are the sharpening equipment you can use when you are sharpening your hunting knife. There are a lot of sharpening tools in the market nowadays, it depends on the user which one they are comfortable using and which one they think makes the best job of sharpening their hunting knife.

Here we listed four sharpening equipment as you can use your hunting knife:
First is the Whetstone or water stone, this is a stone-like equipment used for sharpening knives or any other cutting tools. When using whetstones, you must immersed it before you start grinding and honing the knife on it. There are a variety of whetstones set, it depends on its roughness and disposition. Consider evaluating your knife first on how worn out it is to distinguish the roughness of whetstone that would be perfect for the job. Some experts suggest that when you have a completely worn out knife, it is best to use a whetstone with a roughness of two hundred and twenty to be able to take off the undesired particles of your knife.

Second is the Pull-through Sharpener, this sharpening equipment has an adjusted v-shaped tilt where you pull the knife when sharpening it, hence the name. The good thing about Pull-through sharpener is its versatility when it comes to various kind of knives. Because it has an adjustable slit on it, you can easily utilize any kind of knife you wish to sharpen using this tool. Not to mention that you don’t need any expertise when utilizing this sharpening equipment because it is very easy to use just like the whetstones.

Third is the Electric Sharpener, this sharpening equipment is powered by electricity, hence the name. This sharpening equipment is best used when you wish to revive the border angles of your knife. It is built with a spot in which your knife will be guided when you start sharpening it. The good thing about this tool is you can possibly do the three general steps in sharpening a knife that was mentioned earlier. Electric Sharpener is known to be quick and dependable when it comes to controlling it, but the only downside of this tool is you cannot utilize it when there is no electricity available such as in the outdoors.


Fourth is Sharpening Rod, this sharpening equipment is steel-made and is quite favoured by most butchers. This sharpening equipment is commonly used when you wish to preserve the sharpness of your knife with excellent borders and is not that good in resolving severe bluntness of a damaged knife. When using this type of sharpening equipment, you just have to place your knife at a twenty to twenty five degrees angle and begin swiping your knife back and forth from the rod. After doing this process on both sides, take off the excess particles of metal with a damp towel.

Bottom line, there are a lot of ways in sharpening your hunting knife and a variety of sharpening tools you can use to sharpen it. You can always try every sharpening tools that you fancy to test whether it will work well for you or not. Sharpening tools are not that expensive and can be very affordable. When you want to be always on the go during hunting season, it is a must to always sharpen your hunting knife. It is good to take care of your hunting tool and be prepared at all times.

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