How To Clean Hunting Knives

A hunting knife is one of the most important tools a hunter must have. The knife should be well-cleaned and well-maintained in order to perform at its best. A hunter must avoid waiting for its knife to get rusty and just right then, decide to clean it up. Here we listed steps in cleaning a hunting knife and things to remember when properly maintaining a hunting knife to help you out in making that blade perform well.

To start cleaning your hunting knife, gather the supplies you need. Get some clean towels or cloth, a soap, lukewarm water, gun oil, a paper, a polybag, and a knife scabbard.


First Step:
Take out your clean towels or cloth and wipe your knife from its blade up to its shaft. Do this process so you will be able to remove the remaining blood or stains from your knife. If you do not wipe the excess blood stains, this may cause a foul odor in your knife’s blade. No hunter wants a knife who smells awful, right?

Second Step:
Using your soap and lukewarm water, wash your knife thoroughly. After washing it, wrap your knife with a clean towel then let the knife dry up first before proceeding to the next step. Also, make sure that the knife’s blade will not be scratched to any surface.

Third Step:
When your knife is already dry, apply some gun oil on the blade and on the shaft. Make sure to put sufficient amount of gun oil especially on the part of your knife where rust is starting to take over. The gun oil will help in preventing the rust from spreading and making your hunting knife completely useless. But also remember not to over apply gun oil on your hunting knife because it will cause the knife’s blade to have a gummy-like texture. After successfully applying the oil, wipe the knife again with a clean dry towel.

Fourth Step:
Get your knife scabbard and make sure that the scabbard is also clean before you put the knife in it. If the scabbard is completely clean and no signs of stains that may contaminate your clean knife, then you can now place your knife safely inside its scabbard. Keep your knife away from the reach of children for safety and store it in a totally dry area. If you think you will not be able to use your hunting knife for quite a long time, secure it by wrapping it with paper and placing it inside a polybag, This way, your hunting knife will be safe from any water accident in your place preventing it from getting rust.

Now that you know how to easily clean your hunting knife, there are also things you should remember in order to make your hunting knife last longer and perform well longer. We listed three things that a hunter must remember regarding with the maintenance of his hunting knife.

Give some time to clean your knife regularly
If you are a hunter, you would know how very useful a hunting knife in your hunting life. It is a tool you cannot live without especially when you are in the wild and doing your thing – hunting. To make sure that your important tool will not easily be damaged by rust or other causes that will make your hunting knife useless, you must practice proper maintenance for your knife. One way of maintaining its performance is by cleaning your knife regularly. Make sure that there are no signs of rust or any kind of stains that may cause the bluntness of your knife. A blunt knife is no good in hunting, and you must prevent you hunting knife from becoming one. If you clean your knife regularly, then this will maintain the performance of your knife when it comes to cutting or hunting. It will also not cost you a lot of money in purchasing a new knife just because you failed to clean-up your present hunting knife.

Practice some preventive measures
When you saw a rust in your knife, do not just take it for granted. Do a move and clean it up right there and then. Do not wait until the small rust will spread out into your knife’s blade and will cause its dullness. Practice to apply some preventive measures in your knife such as applying oil into it. Oil is good in preventing rust from any steel material. Never, ever overlook anything that may cause a huge damage with your hunting knife. Just like what the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”.


If you have the time to clean it after using, clean it immediately
Do not wait until you come home after hunting for you to wipe the dirt out from your hunting knife. It will only take you a minute or so to wipe down the blood stains or any slabs that stuck to your hunting knife. If you consistently do not clean your hunting knife immediately, chances are, a possible damages awaits you. The small stains that were stuck into your hunting knife that you just take for granted may contaminate your knife completely and will cause it to become blunt or dull, making your hunting knife a trash waiting to be thrown out in the garbage bin. However, if you clean your hunting knife immediately right after you use it, it will prevent you from bigger damages. It will also help you when you decide cleaning your hunting knife thoroughly in your house, the process will be easier for you because there are no too much stains that are stuck into your hunting knife.

Bottom line is if you want to make sure that your hunting knife will perfectly perform well during hunting or any use of it, then make it a point to clean it and be vigilant with the possible damage that rust and stains can make into your knife. If you secure and take good care of your hunting knife, then it will definitely last longer than you imagine.

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