Gelindo Hunting Pocket Knife, Black – Made of Stainless Steel, Compact Skeleton Design with Safety Fold-Lock Mechanism – Unlockable Folding Sharp Carbon Blade – Highly Durable & Versatile Review

The importance of having a pocket knife with you is just like how you are carrying other essential tools for survival. But even if you are not out on an adventure in the mountains or in the forests doing your hunting stuff, having a pocket knife with you will be helpful in whatever cutting needs you are presented with. There are certain situations wherein the pocket knife will prove useful, such as you need to cut ropes or just having to slice a tomato since someone else is already using the knife. When you think of pocket knives, one of the most popular brands that comes into mind is the Swiss Army Knife, which comes in just more than the knife it carries. It is actually a multi-tool that is capable of opening up cork bottles, filing your nails and the like. However, the most recommended pocket knives to have are those with the single blades, rather than the multiple ones or those that come with multi-blades. The reason? The quality of how each of the item included in the pocket knife are divided, meaning what would have been focused on the knife are spread out evenly on other blades or tools.

What you will learn more about here is the Gelindo Hunting Knife. For first time owners of pocket knives, you might be wondering why the Gelindo Hunting knife is so small. There is nothing to be surprised about since pocket knives are relatively small. The package is almost like the size of a matchbox toy car package. As soon as you check out the box that contains the hunting knife, you will see the mark that owners are given a lifetime warranty with it. There is also the recommendation at the bottom of the box that says “must have for your camping and outdoor” needs. The packaging itself is not as intimidating as it looks. It gives you a feeling that everything was rushed because you need to meet up a deadline in 3 hours and you were just given the project an hour ago. But who knows, the package may only be deceiving you of what really lies inside it. But then, you will have something to think about since the pocket hunting knife is only worth $9. Yet, you don’t have to dismiss this knife as it may be worth checking out.


Out of the box you will find the Gelindo support card, in case if something does happen with your knife and you have to send it back; a user manual – which is obviously telling you how you are going to use the pocket knife they have provided, most especially with how you are going to close and open the blade. Other details that are included in the user manual are the precautions and specifications of the knife. The specifications says that the total length of the pocket knife is at 181mm, length of the blade is 85mm, total weight is 100 grams and the material of the blade is made out of stainless steel. Many of those who have owned this pocket knife find the user manual unnecessary, but it is still helpful to have them.

The main attraction of the package is the Gelindo hunting pocket knife itself. The actual pocket knife is placed inside a carry pouch with the name of the brand Gelindo® at the top of it. The quality of the carry pouch may seem like it is not much you might be expecting to be, but a $9 pocket knife – there is not much you can complain about.

As you take out the pocket knife out of the carry pouch, it is still covered in a plastic bag. And it does give you the feeling that you are taking out a knife toy. However, you will immediately realize that it is no toy at all. There is a lot of oil around the blade, which is why you need to be careful when you open the blade as your hands might get smeared with oil. You can clean that up that will not stain or damage the blade.

The finish of the blade is not as perfect as it seems, but since this is a very affordable pocket knife to have, why complain about it?

Next is how you make use of this pocket knife. This is all about the general use of the knife when you own it, but it may be awkward for others on opening and closing the blade of the knife. The blade can be opened single-handedly, although there are others that just fling the blade down. To close the blade, it will take you two hands to close it. Avoid closing it with one hand or the skin of your palm will be a good target for slicing. It will be easier to close and open them with your hands open. The speed of opening and closing the blade of the knife is quite cumbersome. Keep in mind that you should avoid your hands too close with the knife when opening and closing it as it can cause you to bleed from the point of the blade. To keep it extra safe, use both hands and do so slowly.

Almost everything you have read about this knife is quite not on the good side, but there are good qualities about this knife that will make you love it, too. One of it is the amazing lever you got that will help you open the blade out. If you have been collecting pocket knives for many years, this kind of mechanism will remind you of the Kershaw E.T., which you will never find it now since production has been discontinued. They call this lever the “external toggle” of some sorts, so you if you like the mechanism that Kershaw E.T. got, this is the best hunting pocket knife to take with you during your hunting or other outdoor activities you’ve got. Almost everything that this pocket knife has is like a rebirth of the Kershaw E.T.


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