Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath

What’s The Use of a Hunting Knife?

A hunting knife is a good tool for you to use whenever you go out on the woods when hunting. A quality knife is even better but do you really understand what does a hunting knife is use for? This knife is better than your kitchen knife because a kitchen is only use for household food while the hunting knife is used on the meat that you catch on the wild. When using a hunting knife you can skin or boned an animal after you caught it unlike ordinary knives hunting knives comes in different shapes and sizes that would be fit the situation, especially on what kind of meat that you’re planned on slicing it.

Now let’s understand what kind of Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife is all about.


What Do You Know About This Knife?

There are many hunting knives that you can use for hunting no matter the shape, size and the unique function of the knife. It doesn’t matter what kind of hunting knife that you have in your hand as long as you know how to use it properly. So, in a way it is the bearer who releases the true potential of the knife. But if you don’t know how to wield the knife properly, no matter what kind of hunting knife you carry, it will end up having bad results. However if you are a very skilled hunter and you know what you are doing whatever knife you, it could be well-design or high quality, it doesn’t matter, the results would be astonishing because the results of an experience hand will show through your incision and the cutting of the meat.

Now this hunting knife is small have a short blade but its hardness is 59HRC, and the thickness of the blade is 0.2” (5 mm). It is very nice, small enough for you to keep it hidden and has a good weight. This knife is a good hunting knife that people in Scandinavian usually use when they go out hunting for meat. Its design is perfect and effective for skinning using the tip of the knife for penetration for the hide. The tip is good for digging it deep on the meat without accidentally cutting making the skinning process as smooth as possible.

Pros of Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath

Now you wanted to know what this knife can do. You wanted to know its features and how good it is when in use. Then here are the pros and good points when using this type of hunting knife.
This knife is perfect for experience hunters because of its design. The design is very good for only a specific purpose. The game processing is one of this. This hunting knife is good for removing the hide without affecting within. Once again, the tip of the blade can be used in penetrating the meat without the risk of digging into the gut cavity of the animal that you caught.

If use properly you will expect with great results just like any other knife.
The blade can sharpen easily when you are on the field and this blade is very strong and when use in the right way this knife is perfect for you when out hunting. The steel of the blade is also good; it has been tested to be the strongest steel in the world with its sharpness and strength. No wonder many outdoorsmen preferred in using this type of knife.

Now that you know what are the pros when using this type of hunting knife let’s proceed the bad side of it. Don’t worry there’s nothing major it is only just a minor detail that does not affect the use of the knife.

Cons of Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath

Here are the cons that you need to aware of in regards to this knife. It’s only a few so this knife is not bad news for you. There are two things that you need to know. It is the sheath of the knife and the thickness of the blade. By some personal experience by the previous users he views the knife with great potential however those two faults that he can of the knife is the only thing that bothers him. The sheath of the knife can be clean, yes, it all thanks to the Zytel, but according to the person who have personal experience with the knife he is not satisfied with the sheath while the blade of the knife is too thick for its size and style. Thanks to the thickness of the blade the effectiveness when cutting is affected.

But the performance of this hunting knife is still good and well-used by many huntsmen and outdoorsmen. All you have to do is just snap the blade right back to its handle and viola, its good as new, just handle the knife well and you’re good to go.

In Conclusion

All in all the Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath’s performance is 94% good with a 4 star. It is still a good hunting knife and when used properly you receive good and satisfying results. As long as you’re expert in handling this knife and know where to cut and slice the meat the knife’s quality is a right fit for all experienced hunters.
There are of course setbacks but nothing damaging or permanently bad that would affect the good use of the knife. Those cons are just simple and easily well-adjusted problems that you can just by-pass them and use the knife very carefully. This knife has potential, you cannot deny that and it size and shape, and the quality of the blade is perfect no matter who’s using it.


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