Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set, Straight Edge and Gut Hook Blades, Camouflage ABS Handles, 7-Inch and 6-1/2-Inch Overall REVIEWS

The elk ridge hunting knife that came in two pieces set model er300ca features a gut hook and good straight edge with the addition of camouflage abs handles, having a 6 ½ inch and 7 inches over all lengths. It is a really ideal tool to have if you spends too much time in the forest, wilderness, who likes to hunt, or you just want this type of things in your collection. This two piece set of knife set a good trailing point that can be used for skinning and hunting that features a 3 ½ inch and a 440 stainless black steel blade. This great two piece set elk ridge that comes with a great green camouflage with a lanyard hole and finger grooves which can give a good and allow you to do some easy affix extra cordage. This type of tool can be really useful also at your house, it can cut through anything else that is can be cut and give you more confidence in doing some repair or maintenance in your house. It was made for hunting and for wilderness but it can be useful for other things also, it may come handy in your daily routine if there are some things that you want to cut. In choosing your best knife that can be used it what you intended to do with is not an easy task, there are a lot of hunting knife that you could choose from, especially in you do your research on the internet.

Most of the time, people tend to get confused if they are not into this type of things, for them, it looks the same after all, so do they bother in choosing some hunting knife and probably waste their time? Some people just do a coin flip and after it picks one. First, you should make up your mind what kind of knife you want and what kind of things you wanted to do with your knife, and lastly keeping mind of the budget. You should be aware that a good decent hunting knife can go beyond and between 100$ to 1000$ or even more. It is a fact that there are knives that are way more expensive that cost that much. But having a good hunting knife that can use a lot of things can be a really essential tool to have, it makes the point in having you break the bank. Having a good knife be sure that it can perform flawlessly that can be used by this following the main task, as follows, dressing game, skinning an animal, cutting up some things, cutting though a bone and also cartilage, and splitting up some ribcage. So the basin rule of a good hunting knife must be having a great strong point in achieving its main used and excel at it than other hunting knife. When we are talking about having a good knife, when it comes to its size, bigger does not basically mean it is better. It really depends what kind of and size of the animal you want to hunt. Having a big knife is really useless when you are in dressing small game.


If you are hunting a small animal like rabbit, then you cannot use the same type of hunting knife that you use for big game hunting. In choosing a good knife the knife must have a full tang design, it means that the blade and the handle are just one continuous piece of steel. This will make for a better, strong, and an unbreakable knife, if you used it very properly and in right way. Be aware to stay away from partial tang designs, they are more like a bad knife and can be a failure and lastly they are not definitely worth of your money and time. Be keen to the steel used if you are looking for a good knife. There are two kinds of steel used in making a hunting knives.

Stainless steel and carbon steel, this two has its own disadvantages and advantages. But there is also a carbon stainless steel, which can we consider the best of both worlds. But it is very expensive than having a stainless and carbon knife put up together. Elk ridge hunting knife is a stainless steel. Stainless steel blades are the most preferable and most chosen amongst hunters. Even though stainless steel hunting blade a little harder to sharpen and having a bad edge than the carbon steel does, but they are more practical in a long run. If we talked about a carbon steel they are way cheaper, durable and rugged. That can be easily sharpen yet it is super strong.

Elk ridge hunting knife is really designed for having a good outdoor adventure and hunting. Elk ridge offers a lot of different varieties of good skinners, machetes, hunting knives, axes, game sets and even they offer a good gentleman’s knives.

The elk ridge hunting knife kind of a full tang knife has a good camouflage abs care to have a non-slip texture that can help with the problem with slippery when your hands get wet. And an additional of thumb jimping that can be found at the back of the blade for adding some balance to it. Both knives are kept within a nylon black twins sheath for a secure and simple raise. Having a grade of 440 is a chrome steel adding more carbon to it, by enhancing its edge retention and hardness. This type of knife is really designed for having a real outdoor adventure and really good to have if you are really into hunting or just you love in collecting good hunting knives. This is a good hunting knife that you will not regret by buying it. It can really help you also in many things, this is a good and useful tool a man to have.


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