Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath Review

Buck Knives is one of the leading manufacturers of knives in the USA whose primary products are sports and field knives. This company has been credited with the invention of foldable hunting knives which became so popular that “buck knives” became synonymous with foldable lock back knives, including those manufactured by other companies. If you’re looking for a hunting knife which you want to give as a gift to your father for his fishing trips, or simply use it for your own camping trips and hunting endeavors, then Buck Knives’ best selling 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife is the perfect choice.

In choosing which knife to buy, it is very much important to know a knife’s quality and features first. You would want to know before buying what materials were used in manufacturing it, how convenient it would be to use it, if you can use it for other tasks aside from its basic purpose which is cutting, whether it will be durable, and of course, to see if you get any warranty in case you need help with the product you buy.


Buck Knives’ 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife gives you all the tick marks to all of those. This seamlessly polished hunting knife is perfect for your hunting and fishing trips, and a very good tool to take with you when you go hiking and camping. It is made with strong and durable materials that will resist corrosion over time. Read on for more specific details about this knife.


• This knife is conveniently handy and lightweight with an overall length of 10 ½ inches and weighing 7.5 ounces.
• Has a satin finish clip blade which is 6 inches long, 0.175” thick and is made with 420HC stainless steel for edge retention and excellent strength.
• The material used for its handle is phenolic, with an aluminum guard and pommel.
• It comes with a sheath made with genuine leather for secure and safe transportation in your bag or on your belt.
• Great for use outdoors, cutting in very tight places, and can be used for detail work as well.
• It already comes with a lifetime warranty from the company.
• It has been tested and proven to have a high resistance to corrosion.
• A full-tang knife, with the blade extending all the way to the pommel.

Now that you know the basic features of this knife, it’s time for you to weigh in the pros and cons of buying it. Weighing them out will help you decide if the product will be worth the value you’re going to pay for it. The following advantages and disadvantages are based on the personal experience of the people who have bought and used 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife.

• It is manufactured by one of the leading knife-making companies in the US, which has been around for more than a hundred years, so you can be confident in the quality department.
• It is a very handy knife with its length and weight.
• It is made of high quality stainless steel thus it will resist corrosion for a very long time.
• Because of its handiness, it is perfect for your hunting and fishing trips. It is also a very useful utensil to have with you on your camping and hiking.
• It features a very artistic design on its handle. So it’s not just a quality product, but also beautiful to look at.
• The knife’s edge is razor sharp and the retention is high, which means you won’t have to polish it every now and then.
• This knife is very versatile. Aside from the fact that you can use it for cutting a lot of things, this item can even be used for detail work. With its size, it can also be used for cutting in tight places.
• It has a full tang – which means that it is made to resist. Whether you use this knife for digging or hammering (who knows, you might actually use this to dig or hammer something at some point), throw it or mishandle it, it will survive.
• Its tang is not exposed. You almost won’t be able to notice where the tang should be, unlike other similar knives which have a slab and appear to have two separate pieces for its handle.
• The product already comes with a sheath that’s made with genuine leather. So you don’t have to buy one anymore, or worry about cutting the things around it if you put it in a bag. Also, the sheath has a belt loop which you can wear on your hip, which makes transporting it very convenient.

• The knife, though it is as sharp as it can be, has a rough and ground edge. But unless you prefer a mirror edge on your knife, this shouldn’t be a concern.
• Its size could be a bit bigger than how you’d like it to be. There are hunting knives which are smaller in size, so if you prefer to have a smaller hunting knife, then this might be a bit of an issue to you.

If you want a hunting knife that is made by a trusted company, is made with high quality materials, a tool that is durable and is highly corrosion resistant, then Buck Knives’ 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife is what you’re looking for. It is not just a quality product, but also a piece of art that anybody can appreciate.

So if you, your dad or your friends are avid hikers or adventurers, or if you often go to fishing or hunting trips, this product will give you a good and satisfying experience. If you go out with your family to camping trips, this knife won’t only be a mere tool but a piece of device that you will be able to use around in many things that you do. Because Buck Knives’ 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife is built to give you durability, convenience, quality, and great value for money.


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