Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage Plain Satin Blade

A perfect style of knife comes with a good quality and is tested through its durability. Experts on knives believes that it can geared your experience towards positions in the market for example activities that the product can be of great use to rescue, outdoor, military, sports cultery and many more. Originally benchmade knives are known for its manufacturing styles as a butterfly or a “balisong” style type of knife. It has a custom made design that is fit for everyone’s use. Most of these designs are derived and inspired by cutlery makers thus making it very influential into the business marketing.

Moreover, if you are planning to purchase this type of knife, you need to first see what features is it offering so you would know if it is worth your budget or not. Here are the following features of a BM Knife 585 mini barrage plain satin blade.


It has a strong acting-looking mechanism- most of the people especially men are interested on this kind of knife because of its appearance and how it would look like to a man holding it up close and personal. This has made the demand in the market, making everyone to purchase not only does it only make manly but also its purpose comes in handy when you needed it most.

Ambidextrous function– this means that you can accessibly use the knife without any hesitation either you are right or left handed. It has a natural way for you to hold it in a most convenient way as possible.

Reversible carry clip– the good thing about this product is that it is versatile and comfortable if you are going to use it. The stainless steel in which you can use on both side reversibly and you can carry it in your pocket as well.

Safety on both open and close position– you do not have to worry for any puncture to happen because this is design to protect the handler either you are using it in a closing and most importantly in a an open position. To be sure, always check for anything from the item that might risk you from any harm and danger as well.

Knife with lanyard hole– if you need to break something like a glass for example this type of knife would be a best option for you to use because it can easily break and is more handy as well with other things in which you’d be overwhelmed how handy and useful this type of knife is in your comfort.

In very product there are always a pros and cons for you to distinguish. Either opts to purchase because you know the fact that a certain item is of good benefit to you and or knowing the cons maybe a disadvantage in the field of work that you are doing, might as well look for another item or products that will suit your best.

Benchmade 585 knife is mostly used by professionals who are from a rescue team unit. This is very useful in terms of crisis. If you are to use a sharp object in rescuing a person, make sure that you are going to explain to avoid confusion and threatening. This type of knife is almost everything that you need because of its uses and benefits. If you are on a vacation camp or in your home and you are fixing something you can definitely use this knife.

The versatility of this type of knife is very durable that you can it as an all purpose. You do not have to worry as to how the use of this knife can be very accommodating. You can also use this to chop for your food as it is very sharp and because of its handle, it is easier to hold than any other knives.

The benchmade 585 knife has a very lightweight handle in which you can just put it in your pocket without the feeling of anything bulky. You do not even have to notice that you are carrying with you a knife. It is that lightweight that you can almost forget that you bringing it along with you.

The Benchmade Axis patented assist lock- as this type of knife is very in demand now to the public. This have the strongest locking mechanism as this can even go through a hard steel as it sweeps to and fro to the item. This is very much easy as well if you are working with a glove on. Performance wise, its reputation is gaining because most people find this very useful when it comes to being a handy man in your own home.

Cons :
The handle sometimes can look very cheap but this does entails that all of the manufacturers has it made like this. Its handle should be made as it is the most vital part in handling a knife. If this is made in a very cheap material, might as well look for another knife that is easily handled without any breakage.

The knife is too lightweight- as for some people think that knives that are more lightweight are basically the best thing. But not all are in favor of knives that are too lightweight. In fact because it’s too lightweight, it can either be left open, leading it to a more serious case. To choose a better knife, make sure that it suits your preference. Most men uses the heavy ones as this will serve as a reminder that they are bringing along knives in their pockets.

If course not all people have the same size of the hand, if you really want to purchase this type of video. Having a good grip for your matters as this will give you a more maximum use of the knife compared to having it as a handle grip; you will surely cannot use the knife in its proper way.

The cost- people really find it hard to obtain the knife because it’s not in the cheaper side.

Therefore if you want this type of knife you must understand the concept of being a scout. There are pros and cons for just one item but if you think this kind of knife can help you with the things; it comes in handy while you want to work on something that is very urgent.


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