Best Hunting Knife 2017 – Our Top Picks

If you are into hunting you would certainly want to make sure that you have the right tool to use when you are out there, trying your best to find a game. With hunting season in full swing now. You would need to make sure that you are not missing out on a good hunting knife. Actually, you are not just looking for any hunting knife. You want to see to it that what you will get is indeed the best hunting knife.

Do remember that the right knife can make or break your trip. You have to remember that when you set out and hunt, you are exposing yourself to the rest of the world. This is why it is very important that you will have the right tool that will allow you to keep yourself safe from the rest of the elements that you might encounter while in the woods and not only from your game as well. Hunting trips like these will require no less than the best hunting knife in the world to make sure that the whole experience is going to be really worth it for you.


Buying these items can be a bit challenging though. There have been many instances where people were having ahead time finding the right knife that they think is going to fit their needs. For a tool that can really affect the success of your trip. You know that you have to really spend enough time to find the right one there is. You could to really afford to just walk in on a store and pick ne out through trial and error hoping that it would make a great fit for you.

With so many brands and names out there can be pretty understandable how a lot of people may have a hard time zeroing in on the best hunting knife brands. What you are hoping to find though is something that is to only going to fit your needs now, but one that is expected to fit your needs later as well. The best brands are often the ones that are expected to last for a lifetime. This why durability is always something that you need to look for if you are really intent at getting the best hunting knives.

It is a good thing that there are a lot of resources that are available for the interested buyer out the that can help make it easier for him to pick one. There are hunting knife reviews that can be found around that discuss the various top brands and impressive names of hunting knives in the market. What you are hoping to find for these reviews are those knives that you know you will be bale t use again and again. You want to find out which of these brands will be excellent in quality and has the durability too that will allow it to be useful for many years to come.

Understanding the qualities of a good hunting knife is certainly going to help make it easier for you to decide which one to choose. It needs to be sharp and it has to stay sharp. It is necessary for the knife to have the toughness to allow it to withstand constant use and abuse. It needs to be strong enough too to be able to work itself into hip sockets. It should also be nimble enough when used to skin an animal. Since you will likely be hunting when the lights are low or when it is dark, the knife should be easy enough for you to handle with limited vision. It should be easy to handle too despite the different elements you will encounter while you hunt or even when it is covered in blood.

Good hunting knives are often expected to behave the versatility that will allow them to do almost everything that most average hunters are likely going to need when setting out for these trips and maybe do little bit more as well. When you have to set out to the market and shop for a knife, it is always going to help that you consider how you are going to use it. It will help to that you will consider the types of games that you intend to hunt as well. Realistic goals are always very important when it comes to shopping for the right knife. You would not really be using a knife used to hunt rabbits when you intend to hunt for deer.

You will find that it would be less overwhelming to make a choice though when you know exactly what you are looking for. There are numerous styles and types of hunting knives that are sold around. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it might help if you will ask yourself some questions that will allow you to narrow down your options towards determining which style and type of knife will work best for you.

Before you go check out hunting knives reviews to find the knife that will be perfect for you, it helps to ask yourself first what types of game you expect to hunt. You will require a different type of knife for big games and you need a different one if you only intend to hunt rabbits. Do remember that bigger is not really better most of the time. This is because when you have a knife that is way too big, there is a very good chance that you will only end up cutting yourself in the process. Bigger knives tend to make it a little hard to gut or skin a game the way that you want too.

How often you are going to hunt should be considered as well. You will need to decide whether you are going to do this full time or if you would want to just be doing this over the weekends or when you have the time to spare. This is an important consideration especially since in those cases where you are only going to use it for hunting in the weekends or when you have time to spare, then a smaller knife that can be used all around the house would be a more practical choice.

Buying the right top hunting knives means making sure that you will envision the smallest and the largest games that you are likely to be going for. This way, you can choose a knife that will be suitable for these games. You will also need to consider whether you are only trimming or killing your game. You will need to consider if you are hunting for meat or what you are doing is merely for trophy. If you are going for trophy hunting, then there may be a need for you to secure another knife as well- this time, a capping knife.

Once all these questions are answered, you will have a much better idea of the kind of blade that you should consider buying. Then, you will have to consider some factors that will make it easier for you to zero in on the perfect blade for your hunting needs.

Folding Blade or Fixed Blade

You will need to decide on whether you would prefer opting for a knife with folding blade or one that is fixed. There are differences between the two and it is important that you will take a good look at these differences as this will certainly help make it easier for you to determine which of these choices will be expected to suit you more appropriately and the purposes hat you have in mind as far as using the knife goes.

The serious hunter is going to be better off opting for a knife with a fixed blade. The reason why this is the best bet for him is because the blade is not going to fold into its handle. The serious hunter would certainly want a knife that is dependable and reliable whenever going after a game. Fixed blades offer that as they are significantly stronger when used for such purposes.

The fixed blade is also the design that those who expect to do a lot of skinning and gutting when dealing with animals are likely to go for. The reason for this is because the style allows them to perform these actions in a more efficient manner due to the sturdiness of the fixed blade design.

But if you are seeing hunting as an occasional activity that you do though something that you perform two times or so a month to whenever you get to have time off work, then you may benefit more from going for a knife that has the folded blade style. This is because it is a knife that will not only be handy for those hunting activities that you do. It is going to be a design that will make it a practical tool to have around the house that can be used for a lot of other applications as well. Also, since the blade can be folded, this means that you get the knife to appear smaller, which makes it easier to conceal as well.

There are a lot of people that would actually like the idea of a folding blade due to how these kinds of hunting knives tend to come with two types of blades. But when it all comes down to it, people do choose based on their preferences. So, depending on what you like and how you expect to use these blades- you will be able to narrow down your options quite effectively.

Consider the Blade Design

Generally, you will find that there are the types of designs for the blade. It is important that you get a good idea what these designs are and how they are going to affect how well you will be able to use the knife for the purposes that you have in mind.

There is the Clip Point type. This is a blade design that is perfect for those who expect to hunt occasionally. It has an end with a defined point and it is expected to be most useful when it comes to performing tasks that are needed to be done by occasional hunters an outdoorsmen.

The Drop Point is another style of the blade that is a good pick for those who like to hunt big game. This is usually due to the fact that this type of blade is made up of steel that is very thick and is quite durable as well.

Then, there is also the Skinning type. This is designed for getting animals skinned. But its uses are not limited to only that though as it is usually able to perform other tasks as well. For instance, it can be expected to do many of the things that the drop point and the clip point types of blade are able to do. Thus, making it a really versatile blade type.

There will be other optional things that you might want to consider when it comes to the design of the blade of the knife that you want to pick too for instance, there is the gut hook type. This is a very useful type of blade as it is helpful in opening up the abdomen of your game without having to worry that the skin is going to tear or the internal organs are going to be punctured. Eh design really works for the most part, but then again you have to consider how you expect t use your knife when you decide which one it is that you should pick when you are out in the market. Of course it is always a knife that you can choose to separately purchase later on if you decide that it is something that you might like to have around aside from your hunting knife.

You will need to decide if you want the knife to have blades that are serrated too. There are some hunters that like the idea of serrated edges in the knives that they are using. This type of edge is usually put atop the edges of the blade. One of the reasons why there are a lot of hunters that prefer these kinds of blades so the fact that they are often very helpful at making some of the tough chores involved when hunting be done in a much easier, more efficient fashion. For instance, splitting the pelvis or rib cage of an animal open is easier done with a serrated knife than a plain one.

You will also need to consider the handle of the knife as well. Traditional ones are usually made from metal, wood, and bone. A lot of people like the fact that they actually look quite nice to the eyes. But there are newer materials that are composite that are very pleasant to look at as well. You have to remember that it is not enough that you will just go for a handle that looks good. Consider the material it is made from to ensure that it is not going to slip off. This is especially true if you end up getting blood on it or using it in various elements and adverse conditions.

Take note of the steel that the blade of the knife you are picking is made of too. To help you decide, it might help if you will consider the conditions of the setting where you will expect to get the hunting done. You will find that the answer to such a question is going to likely affect the type of steel that you want your blade to be made of. You will need to choose one that have the capacity to hold the edge and to keep maintaining its sharpness. You will need to consider its corrosive resistance as well. These are factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that at the end of the day, you get a hunting knife that is not only durable and efficient but one that will truly be most useful with all the hunting trips that you will decide to be taking moving forward.

Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath


Efficiency and durability are things that you need to be sure that you will be looking for when you are in search of a hunting knife. You have to remember that you will use this weapon for the tasks that you need to do when you will be hunting and camping.

This is exactly what you are getting with the Fallkniven 32 HI VG-10. This is a knife that registers an overall length of 8 3/8 inches overall. The VG-10 is a stainless blade which means that you have a blade that is not only sharp, but is expected to allow you to keep the edge razor sharp for a considerable length of time.

The design for the knife is black checkered. The Thermorun is what the handle of the knife is made of. This is very handy as this means that the holder gets to gave strong grip on the device. This allows the holder of the knife to effectively get it grasped and at the same time, ensure that it will be prevented from easily slipping along the way.

The lanyard hole at the handle of the blade makes it a very easy to get the knife carried around whenever you please and wherever you need to. It comes with a sheath that is made from Black Zytel which makes it all the easier for you to get the weapon carried around as discreetly as possible



Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife, 4.7-Inch


If you are looking for a reliable fixed blade that will be handy for all those hunting trips that you would want to take, this is certainly one blade that you would not want to miss out the opportunity on getting. It is one weapon that can truly offer function and great value at the same time.

People will love the fact that the knife so of an heirloom quality, fit to be passed down from one generation to the next. This is actually more than enough to accomplish too. The way it is made and designed made it very durable and excellent in quality. The blade is made from manufactured steel 440A German quality. It has genuine stag for handles and pins and finger guards made of brass.

The blade design of this knife makes it a really excellent pick if what you are looking for is a handy tool that can meet your skinning and your hunting needs. Buyer of this knife will love the fact that it is made from leather sheaths that are made from top grain and vegetable tanned material. The beauty of the sheath is actually emphasized by the brown aniline finish that is very durable and is truly high in quality. It makes it easier to carry the blade around.

The blade is made from 4.7 inches. The total length is measured at 9.4 inches. The scales are made from stag. The unit has a Rockwell hardness of 55-57. It is handmade and it is made y skilled craftsman.



Benchmade Knife 15016-1 Hidden Canyon Skinner G10


If what you are looking for is a nice with a very good quality, Benchmade’s Skinner G10 is one choice that you would not want to miss out on. It is amazingly sharp, which exactly what every hunter out there wants their blade to be, they need to be sure that they will have a handy weapon that they can use around if they want to be sure that they will be able to carry out their hunting in the most efficient manner possible. Of course, handling it needs to be done with care and caution due to how excellently sharp it is.

It fits great when held in the hands though. This is a good thing as you need your knife to be slip-free. The last thing you want is hold a knife that will always be in a danger to slip from your hands if you are not too careful. You need to be sure that you will be able to easily handle it despite whatever the weather is out there. After all, you have to expect that you are going to be exposed to various elements when you do decide to go out and hunt.

The sheath is made from Kydex and it actually fits the blade quite snuggly. The design of the sheath is quite minimal but it does not diminish the protection and safety it provides towards ensuring that the knife can be carried with you around without you having to fear that it might fall off, will slip, or will accidentally cut you. It offers excellent protection and makes using the knife around easier to do.

The G10 handle is quite excellent too. It offers the feel of stag while at the same time, it offers a much better grip. Add to that the fact that it looks awesome and you pretty much have a handy and very good-looking knife to carry around- nothing short of being referred to as one of the best benchmade knife these days. The stainless matte finish is something that knife enthusiasts would love as well as it is certainly expected to shorten the amount of work and time needed when it comes to skinning hogs or deer.



KA-BAR BK-22 Companion Fixed Blade Knife with HD Polyester Front Pocket Sheath


What you are getting is a knife that has am HD sheath, the Companion is a Fixed blade knife that is perfect both for campaign and for hunting purposes. What you are getting is a heavy duty knife that is a field utility blade. This is a knife that is suited for a number of purposes. It can be used for field chores, hunting and for camping as well.

The knife registers a total length of 10 ½ inches. The straight edge blade is measured at 5 ¼ inches long. It is made from a Cro-Van 1095 steel. It has a flat ground which means that it is going to pride a sharp edge and at the same time, it offers better edge retention. The blade is thick. It also registers a hardness HRC rating of 56-58. This means that the blade is most useful for splitting, prying, slicing, and for kindling.

It should be noted that the blade has a drop point design. This is very handy especially when it is being used in the field for skinning or for dressing wild game. The handle of the knife is made from Grivory. It is a Swiss made nylon that is reinforced with glass. It is a material that makes the knife designed for comfort. This also allows the knife to be a weapon that can be used for better control when it comes to using it. The knife is designed with a lanyard hole to make it easier to carry around.

This knife is made from 100% synthetic materials. Due to how efficient and reliable the knife is, you will find that it is actually the knife of choice by people of all branches on the military. It is also being used by service members. This is a knife that is most reliable when it comes to outdoor services. A lot of collectors will find this to be a good addition to their weapons. It has been tested to ensure that it is durable and it is high quality.



Benchmade Knife 585 Mini Barrage Plain Satin Blade


This is the first knife from Benchmade that features an AXIS Assist. They offer a very quick opening that can be done one-handed. It is a knife that is also designed to be operated efficiently using both hands.

The length of the blade is registered at 2.91 inches. The thickness of the handle is measured at 0.57 inches. The blade so made of remarkable material as well. It is made from Stainless steel 154CM. This means that what you have in your hand whenever you head out to the woods for some hunting trip is something that is very durable and ahs the ability to successfully withstand regular uses and even considerable abuses as is wont for hunting knives.

This is actually a very tall knife. When clipped into the pocket, you will find that you will not be able to get you hand into the pocket. This is why it may be best of you will just have the knife carried loose in the pocket. The style of the blade is drop point. It has stud locks that are ambidextrous, so you get to be able to handle it with both hands. The knife is quite a solid handle and it is quit smooth when used in many of the activities that you are likely to utilize it for when it comes to hunting and other outdoor excursions you may have planned.

People will love the fact that the knife is constructed to be rather strong. It feels great when opened in the hand. If you are looking for a hunting knife that will be a good pocket knife, then this would be just the perfect size for you. The lock is quite very positive and sturdy as well. The cost may be a little high for some buyers but they will find that considering all the things that it is able to do, the cost is actually more than just justified. What you are getting is basically a knife that is sturdy as it is safe.



Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch


What you are getting from Morakniv’s offering is fixed blade that has been recognized for being versatile. This is an outdoor knife and it is made of stainless steel, Sandvik 12C27 and is hardened as well and it has made it one of the most durable and most handy knife to have around whenever you have to head out in one of your outdoor hunting trips.

The knife has a patterned design. The grip of the knife is high-friction as well. This means that the knife is actually going to be very easy and comfortable to hold. Now, you do not have to constantly worry that you might end up accidentally slipping when holding it or using it when cutting game.

The length of the blade is measured at 4.1 inches or 104 mm. The blade thickness measures at 0.1 inch or 2.5 mm. the overall length of the knife is 218 mm or 8.6 inches. When weighed along with its sheath, it totals to 116 grams or 4.1 ounces. The plastic sheath is color-matched with the belt clip. The knife is also being offered with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The knife is known for its edge performance. The steel is made from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 which provides the knife with excellent performance of the edge. This means that what you are getting is a knife that is going to be razor sharp. The high hardness state for this knife is at HRC 56 to 58. What you are getting here is a knife that can offer you exceptional toughness as well as superior resistance to corrosion.

Thanks to the blade of the knife that is made of stainless steel, you get a blade that is expected to stay sharp way longer than the usual carbon steel would. It is also less prone to rusting. User of the knife will find that the corrosion resistance of the blade is going to be even more improved by keeping the blade cleaned regularly with the use of oil.

The performance of the grip is also excellent as well. The handle has a patterned design along with a grip that is high friction. It performs really well even in cold and in wet conditions, making it the perfect companion on your excursions whenever you o to the outdoors. The knife can be expected to sit quite comfortably on the hands which means that it can provide not only great control and performance, but handling safety as well.

It is very useful at carving fresh tinder when you need assistance for getting the fire started. It is also useful at creating a feather stick that would be very helpful at getting fire started whether with the use of damp wood or without any tinder. It is useful at cutting wood as well. It can be most useful for chopping small limbs as well. It can be used for carving even, which makes it a very useful tool that you can use when it comes to camping survival.

This is a handy knife that can be used for food preparation as well. It can easily carve out thin slices and it can even perform the most delicate food preparation at the camp. It is also a very handy tool that you can use for filleting and for skinning.



Buck Knives 0347 Vantage Pro Folding Knife


What you are getting from Buck’s hunting knife is a blade that is smooth and lightweight. It also happens to feature a one-hand opening. It should be noted that the blade is actually slightly smaller than the 347.

User of the knife will find that it is actually very smooth opening that can be done in one hand. There is also a liner lock hat is made from stainless steel that is used to get it locked open.

This blade is built with a pair of stainless steel liners. This gives the blade with the necessary safety and durability. This knife has a very ergonomic grip which makes it a really easy hold when cutting around. The drop point style of the blade offers a very remarkable cutting ability. This means that the knife that you are getting is not only something that you can use for hunting purposes, but this makes the knife a very suitable option that you can use for your everyday tasks.

If you are hoping to find a knife that is going to fit well inside your pockets, then this is a very good choice for you. Despite this tiny size though, it does not affect the way the blade opens and closes. The drop point steel blade 30V is sized sat 3 ¼ inches. This is considered to be the best blades available due to the fact that it has a very impressive retention of this edge and sharpness. It is resistant to corrosion and its high ductility just made it one of the most noteworthy, best folding hunting knife that the market has to offer today. When closed, the knife has a length of 4 3/8 inches and it weights at around 4 ounces.

One will notice that the knife is quite very smooth. It has a one hand opening and then it is locked using a liner lock that is made of stainless steel. It has a handle that is made of thermoplastic and this ensures that it is secure to the grip and comfortable when handled at the same time.  It is also offered with a deep pocket, tip-up, reversible Clip. This makes it easier for one to discreetly carry the blade on a day to day basis. It is available in two sizes and it is available in two handles and two materials for the blade as well.



Ganzo G704 Folding Knife Camping Knife Hunting Knife EDC Pocket G10 Handle.


If what you are looking for is a knife that can be a modern classic, Ganzo has something to offer to you. This knife has a blade with a drop-point design align with a straight sharpening. This is a blade that can be really enjoyed not only but knife enthusiasts, but by hunters and by fishermen as well. It is made from alloy steel 440C, which is high quality and is known for being resistant to corrosion- making it the perfect blade material. It has the necessary resistance when it comes to high loads too making it the perfect choice for those instances where they are going to be used on a regular basis. Hunting knives need to retain its sharpness for as long as possible. This is certainly one knife that users are not going to have a hard time retaining their sharpness.

When unfolded the length of the G704 is at about 20cm. In addition, the blade measures a total of 8.6 cm.

One might want to pay attention to the way the handle of this product is designed it is made of G10 which is a textolite special composite. It shows a surface that is textured which make the knife comfortable to handle and use even when it is being carried around and handled under possibly adverse conditions. This is a knife that is offered at less than $20 and this is certainly one that will give you great value for the money that you are spending.

The blade does not have any spring action. There is a thumb stuff that can be used to get the blade opened. The mechanism is actually simple and it is smooth. Expect that this is going to be a knife that will be sharp straight out of the box that it comes in. It is certainly one easy and comfortable knife that you can hold in your hand. Thus, making it a very efficient hunting knife that you would want to carry around as this is certainly one of the best fixed blade hunting knife that you can find around.



Fallkniven Knives 32 H1 VG-10 Steel Blade Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Black Zytel Sheath


Another high quality hunting knife that you would not want to miss out on if you are looking for the best pick when in the market is this offering from Fallkniven. The first true hunting knife offering from the manufacturer, this is a knife that is not only strong, but is straight and quite handy as well. it actually sates its origins from times of knife-making in North-Scandinavia. The heritage of the knife causes it to have a design where it does not have a ginger guard. But the safety of the grip is actually enhanced thanks to how ergonomically shaped its handle is. It is made from Kraton rubber along with a textured pattern. This is the perfect choice for those huntsmen that have the most experience to make sure that they are going to securely and safely handle them

The sheaths or the Kydex is a very strong zytel sheath. It is injection molded. The benefit of this is that the sheath, thanks to what it is made of makes it very easy to clean. So, maintenance is not going to be a problem.

The blade is previously laminated from laminated stainless VG10 steel. This is steel that has been used for many years and has since proven how satisfactory it is when it comes to edge retention and strength. It is treated by heat. It has been tempered up to 59 HRC which makes it a really good combination of both sharpness and strength. This knife has been offered with 3G steel. This is a laminated powder steel which is believed to be the best type of steel that the world has to offer today.

The knife offers a specially-designed blade. The hunting knife looks like an H1 model. The length of the knife along with the design makes this a very effective skinning tool. It has a tip that is shaped for optimum performance and penetration. The knife offers two functions on its tip and its edge. The tip is designed for penetrating hide without having to worry that it might end up cutting into the meat while you are getting your game skinned.

This is certainly one trendsetting knife that would be everyone’s first choice when it comes to hunting tasks. Everything about this knife is certainly matched to ensure maximum capability when it comes to use for countless situations. It has steel that is tough, string, and sharp. The 0.2 inches thickness of the blade and its convex-ground shape and razor sharpness is certainly making it a really value for the money you pay for purchasing it. It is straight, has ergonomic handle and it has a compact size, making it a rally good choice for hunters and outdoorsmen alike.



Puma Skinner Stag Handle Blade Hunting Knife, 4.7-Inch


When looking for the ideal hunting knife, you will certainly want to get something that is going to give you great value especially where function is concerned. You need to be sure that you are able to successfully find one of those blades that are expected to meet your needs towards hunting. These knives are actually heirloom quality and if you are really looking for the best value knives in the hunting market.

These are certainly one f these that you woodlot want to pass out on. It is made from 440A steel that is German manufactured. The handles are genuine stag. The pins and the finger guards are made from brass. The lanyard holes are made of brass as well. There is certainly a wide assortment of blades that are expected to accommodate every outdoorsman’s skinning and dressing needs. These knives are stag handled and they all come with sheaths that are made from top grain leather. These sheaths are vegetable tanned 100% and they feature a durable and rich aniline finish that really lets the beauty of the leather show.

If what you are looking for is a knife that is really going to be high quality for your hunting needs, and one of the best skinning knife there is, this is the one. This is a blade that has since been known for its performance and its overall functionality when used for hunting purposes and when used outdoors. Hunters and every outdoorsmen out there would do well by actually trusting the quality that only Puma can deliver. The blade is 4.7 inches in length. The entire knife has a total of 9.4 inches. The knife is also made from stag scales. It also happens to feature a 55-57 of Rockwell hardness. The knife is further enhanced in its beauty thanks to being handmade and being carved out by very skilled craftsmen.

Every knife buyer out there needs to pay attention to the quality and the durability of the blade that he is purchasing. He needs to pay attention to how functional it is as well. This is certainly something that can be expected to of these blades that Puma is offering. This is certainly one of those blades that you would never really want to miss out on a this is certainly one very good opportunity for you to get the most out of every hunting trip that you will plan out.



Elk Ridge ER-300CA Hunting Knife Two-Piece Set, Straight Edge and Gut Hook Blades, Camo ABS Handles, 7-Inch and 6-1/2-Inch Overall


If you are looking for a hunting knife that is designed to really suit those outdoor adventures that you have in mind. This is a hunting knife that will certainly offer a variety of purposes. What you are getting is a knife that is made up of two pieces. It includes a set of one knife that has straight edge and another that is designed with a blade that is gut hook.

People who will want to purchase these knives will find that they are actually very ideal when it comes spending time in the wilderness and those people who like the idea of hunting. Both of the full tang knives have blades that are mead from 440 black stainless. This means that it contains more carbon that will allow them to get that excellent hardness and the necessary edge retention that will allow them to remain sharp and useful for a long time. They are also complemented with an ABS camo handle, colored green that has the necessary non-slip texture that ensures that one should be able to successfully hold it without having to constantly worry about it slipping.

The knife with the straight edge has an overall measurement of seven inches. Meanwhile, the one with the gut hook measures an overall six and a half inches overall. Both of these knives can be easily stored in a dual carrying sheath that is made from black nylon. This is to ensure that they are safely and easily carried around.

The knife, which is considered as one of the  best deer skinning knife out the today, has a blade that measures 3 ½ inches. The handle has a lanyard along with finger grooves to make sure that handling it and carrying it around is going to be easy. Meanwhile, the deep-bellied hunting knife features a blade at 3 7/8 inches deep. It has a finger hole for easy holding along with a thumb jumping that is located at the back of the blade. This is to ensure added control when holding it and using it around. 

It is very good quality knife especially considering how it is priced. It is super sharp and they seem to fit really good with their respective sheaths. This means that they are very incredibly easy to actually get them taken to the woods. The knives are certainly very easy to hold and they feel very solid to the hands. If you are ever worried about holding a knife and then finding out that it is slipping off of your fingers due to its handle design, this is not that knife. Thus, making it a really good choice if you want to get the best deer hunting knife for the amount of money that you pay in exchange.



You will find that that buying a hunting knife is not really that hard to do if you know that you are looking for. While it is true that the market has several options for you to select from, at the end of the day, it is your preferences, your likes and dislikes that will really weigh heavily on the choice that you are going to make. It can be less overwhelming through when you know what you are looking for.

Just do not make the mistake of heading right to a store without having an idea what it is exactly that you are trying to purchase. Creating a checklist of what you want and what you need for a hunting knife might allow you to arrive at the right conclusion more effectively. Your budget should be considered along with the qualities of the knife that you are choosing as this can certainly hold sway over which blade is expected to make a very suitable choice for you.

Find a blade that is handy and is very easy to carry around, find one that is of the right length- one that is comfortable enough for you to handle. Consider its grip and consider how well it is going to work despite being use in settings with adverse conditions. See how well it has gone with the people that have purchased it before and have used it in the past. Their experiences with these blades will help give you a better idea of what to expect if you make the decision to purchase it and use it.

Safety, durability, reliability, and sturdiness should be very crucial elements that are present in whatever type or design of hunting knife you will decide to get. But you will also want to take note of the pricing these blades when you decide. Setting a budget is always one good practice that every shopper out there should consider taking into consideration. This is important so he knows exactly how much to spend when making the purchase without going over the top. We are hoping that the details we provide in this review will help make choosing easier for you to do.